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Our Services
Source is a heat pump specialist company created
by and backed with 10 years of the best experience in the Heat Pump
industry. We can help you with all aspects of renewable heating
  1. Project Planning
    Source has years of experience and has been involved with all kinds of projects. We can help you plan your project to ensure that it goes smoothly and will meet your needs.
  2. Advice for Archtects
    Heat pumps and renewable heating have different requirements to traditional heating systems. We can provide you with information and advice to help integrate it in to your design.
  3. Advice for Developers
    As a developer you need to deliver your project on time and budget. Renewable heating may be more expensive than traditional forms but it will increase the saleability of your properties as people become more concerned with running costs and code requirements
  4. New Build Installations
    New build projects are ideally suited to renewable forms of heating. Due to modern building regulations your envelope will be well insulated and ideally suited to a low temperature heat source and underfloor heating.
  5. Retrofit Installations
    If you are modernizing a property or displacing oil or LPG then a heat pump may be the ideal solution for you. Source will be able to help you decide whether a heat pump is suitable for your property and the best way to integrate it in to the existing structure.
  6. Energy Advice
    Part of our work is to assess the heat load of your property to correctly size the heating system. Our experience with heating design will enable us to offer advice on energy improvements that can be made to your home or design.
  7. Air Source Heat Pumps
    Air source heat pumps harness the heat energy in the air. They can be good alternative to other forms of fossil fuel heating. Source will be able to advise you as to the suitability of an air source heat pump for your project.
  8. Ground Source Heat Pumps
    Ground source heat pumps take the energy from soil, rock or water. The heat itself is from the sun and is renewed everyday. Source can help you decide on the correct type of system for your project.
  9. Heat Distribution
    Part of what makes a heating system efficient is the distribution system. The key is to heat the room using the right methods. Source installs a range of underfloor heating, radiators and fan coils to suit your project or design.